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Broken No More is my journey of breaking through dissociative amnesia hiding severe child abuse, how it affected my life, and the ways I achieved deep healing.

Sandi Rytting, a middle-aged mother of five, has overcome the anxiety and depression that have plagued her life to discover peace and happiness until her attacks of paralysis return with a vengeance that puts her in a wheelchair within weeks. Doctors can’t find the cause while her body continues to deteriorate, leaving her bedridden and dying while her youngest children are sent to live with other family. Fighting against the grim prognosis of experts, Sandi uses alternative care practices and her faith in God to regain her ability to walk and restore her health.

With better health than she’s had in decades, Sandi begins an internal journey that brings her to the brink of a different type of death when she breaks through dissociative amnesia hiding child abuse. As flashbacks pull out new memories Sandi discovers not only severe child sexual abuse, but ritual abuse and torture that shred her religion, her faith in God, and even her personality. Piece by piece, Sandi must rebuild her past, her present, and create a healthy future full of possibility until in the end, she becomes Broken No More.


It is difficult to watch someone you care about struggle in an abusive relationship or try to deal with abuse from their past. Download this free PDF booklet on how to support a victim of abuse.

Order Broken No More now and be the first to get an autographed copy to be released in 2019. A portion of the proceeds will go to Safe Harbor Crisis Center, where they provide shelter and services for domestic violence and sexual assault survivors.

Constantly feeling anxious or angry, inability to trust, and unhealthy relationships are just a few of the things survivors of abuse struggle with every day. Underlying it all is a feeling of hopelessness that life will always be this way. Breaking that myth is my life’s work. Begin by believing healing is possible for you.