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“Surrounded by brokenness, I felt the difference

I shed my armor declaring I was a survivor and walked naked into a new hope

Only then did I become a thriver.”



Purchase Broken No More now and I will donate an additional copy to Journey of Hope, to give to a trauma survivor.

Book price of $16.99 plus $3.00 shipping & handling for total of $19.99

Journey of Hope is a local organization in Utah that helps trauma survivors break the cycle of addiction, exploitation and incarceration.

Dawn had built a life. A husband and five kids kept her busy. But then an unexplained, prickly, cold sensation spread through her legs. It was the first sign—the paralysis was starting. Confined to a wheelchair, Dawn found her loss of bodily control devastating.  Then came the guilt. How could she be a good mother when she could barely move?

As she begged doctors for answers, the shocking truth—which she couldn’t mentally recall—took her back to childhood: her body was remembering what her mind had hidden. Was she finally ready to face the horrific truth?

 Why would God let this happen to her?

 The clinical term was “dissociative amnesia.”  When two independent psychologists came to the same conclusion, Dawn had only one path forward—facing the repressed memories of childhood abuse at the core of all her problems. . . and then miraculous healing began.

You’ll love this true story of one woman’s courageous battle against undeserved shame and fear as she steps into light and love to reclaim herself—because we all need stories of triumph to show us there is hope.