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Suburban Mom, Dawn Bradford, suffers from attacks of paralysis that have put her in a wheelchair. Doctors leave her with no answers. What she doesn’t realize is that her body remembers everything her brain has hidden beneath amnesia. Dawn fights her way back to health, only to realize something is wrong within her mind.

When Dawn tries to remember her childhood, she stumbles into black holes that cover stretches of time. Reaching into that dark space, Dawn breaks through dissociative amnesia to reveal she was abused as a child. Memories flood in, landing her in the psychiatric ward. What begins as two abusers grows to seven, and then eleven. 

For months new memories surface, each worse than the last, but her trauma therapist and God’s light see her through. Until she remembers being ritualistically abused by a man in a religious cult. She was ten years old. Dawn no longer knows who she is or what she believes just when she needs it most, for she is planning her suicide with obsessive and lethal determination. 

Walk with Dawn through the darkness and into the light as God leads her on an incredible journey where even the angels help heal deep wounds inflicted by the wickedest of men.