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Get to Know Dawn


S. Dawn Bradford is a Life Coach, International Public Speaker, and Presenter sharing the message of hope that healing is possible no matter what we have experienced in our lives. She empowers abuse survivors through workshops, coaching, and a private Facebook group. Dawn successfully manages dissociative identity disorder and works to de-stigmatize it through speaking openly about the challenges and triumphs of working together with her alters/parts as well as mentoring others with the disorder.

Dawn is a writing coach and Event Production Supervisor at Calliope Writing Coach. She has been published in two books, written guest blogs for the American SPCC, and her memoir, Broken No More: A True Story of Abuse, Amnesia, and Finding God’s Love, was published in 2020. Her next project, Step into Your Brilliant Purpose, releases March 1, 2021.

When Dawn isn’t writing she enjoys hiking in the mountains near her home, traveling, and cooking for her kids (or chatting with her husband while he cooks since he is better at it than she is.) She lives near Salt Lake City, Utah with her husband, a fluctuating number of children, and her red goldendoodle, Ginger.