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My Books

Coming Soon-

Broken No More, Narrative Non-Fiction


One naïve question led me on a treacherous path of discovery that almost destroyed me. I simply wondered why I married my abusive ex-husband when I knew I was making the biggest mistake of my life.

While digging into my past, I unearthed a Pandora’s box of dissociative amnesia hiding dark secrets about my childhood. Everything I knew about myself was shattered as I realized my suicidal thoughts, life threatening paralysis, chronic health problems, PTSD, anxiety, and depression all stemmed from childhood sexual abuse.

The memories overwhelmed me, and I begged my husband to keep me safe by checking me into the psychiatric ward of the hospital. There I saw broken people doing their best to survive and realized I wanted more. I wanted to thrive.

Fifteen abusers tried to destroy me, but I rose triumphant to discover complete healing is possible. The abuse, like cancer, had been eating away my soul in the darkness of ignorance. Walk through not only the shadows, but the glorious healing journey with me as I become Broken No More.


Current Work in Progress-

Terrick’s Revenge, Young Adult Fantasy


Escaping a land of darkness in search of a stone to restore her telepathy, a crippled girl is forced to choose between returning to save her father or saving thousands of lives.

Savina’s mother died saving her from Lord Terrick’s order that all those with disabilities be executed. Using her telepathy to keep her safe, Savina lives in the shadows, drinking in the interactions of others. When her gift disappears just when she needs it to save her father from prison, she realizes she must limp across the wastelands to obtain a new thought stone.

Savina discovers a peaceful people who don’t destroy those who are different. They also have no idea Lord Terrick is about to rain a war of terror on them to avenge his father’s banishment.

If she returns to save her father, those that don’t die will be forced to live the life she escaped. Sacrificing the only family she has left, Savina chooses to travel to the Lord’s Council in an attempt to warn them but finds they are more worried about a traitor within, than a forgotten Lord in a cursed land.