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Rise to Thrive is my philosophy as a life coach. I believe every person has the capacity for wholeness, peace, and greatness if they are willing to reach for it. I am trained to help you identify and move past those things that block you from obtaining what you want in life. My specialty is supporting survivors of abuse on their healing journeys. I have worked with survivors who are opening up for the first time all the way to survivors who have worked extensively on the issues surrounding their trauma. I can support and assist you wherever you are on your journey.

Your initial 30 minute consultation call is free. You need to discover if you feel comfortable with me or not. Coaching will be ineffective if we are not able to connect enough that you feel safe. On that call we will identify together where you are and what you want to achieve through coaching. We will set up the frequency of meetings according to your needs and what will be most effective in helping you achieve your goals.

Appointments can be via phone, video conferencing through a Zoom link I will email you, or in person for those located near Salt Lake City, Utah. I have found them all to be effective and you can choose the method that is most convenient for you.

Hour long appointments are billed at $60, with half hour appointments at $30.


I also offer small group coaching for abuse survivors with groups limited to eight participants. In my 90-day group coaching program you will participate in weekly calls where you will receive support, go through a module, and have the opportunity to get answers to any questions you have. This powerful program is designed to help you understand trauma, how it affects you, and how to take charge of your healing through strategies we will discuss. I have worked with licensed therapists to create this program, but I am not a licensed therapist. I recommend working with your therapist during the coaching program. I’ve listed the module topics below.


  1. Identifying Your Needs
  2. Coping with Flashbacks
  3. Boundaries Keep you Safe
  4. Letting go of Shame by Sharing Your Story
  5. Releasing Pain and Anger
  6. Creating an Abundant Life by Destroying Lies
  7. Power of Creating
  8. You Might Forget, but Your Body Doesn’t
  9. Harness the Power of Brain Science
  10. Connection in Relationships
  11. You’ve got the Power
  12. From Survivor to Thriver


Each $595 Coaching Program includes:

  • Twelve 90-minute small group sessions
  • Three 60-minute individual sessions to target a specific problem
  • Three 15-minute empowerment calls (one each month)
  • Worksheets to use as you move through the modules
  • Access to our online closed Facebook community