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I stopped writing blogs for months, why? Expectations and fear. When I write a blog on my website, it’s from my heart. I shut down the editor side and speak directly to you. As a writer, I was told I needed to make sure every blog reflected my writing. I needed to go through the entire process I use for writing my books in each blog. I stopped writing.

Writing a book is hard. The rough draft is the easy part, the magic happens in layers after layers of revision. I avoided deciding what I was going to write, mapping it out with structure, and going through the revision process for a blog. If the expectations were that every blog was a crafted masterpiece it was too much in my busy life. So I stopped.

My blogs are to connect, not create a masterpiece. Same thing with my videos. I am a normal person with flaws and strengths. When I write here, I’m writing directly to you. If you want the masterpiece, buy the book. If you want a conversation, find me here.

I am shedding the constraints of others expectations to reach out despite my fear. Just as Kaela has stated, This is Me. And I’m back.