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August 19, 2014, my fortieth birthday. It started with the promise of test driving a Corvette- my favorite car for the last 25 years. After seeing a picture of a 2014 Corvette Stingray I decided I’d rather just sit in that beauty than test drive an older Corvette.

All I can say is WOW! That car is a work of art. Chad gave me a “drive by” so I could admire it’s sleek lines all the way around. Then as I slipped (ok, heaved myself) into the seat and sunk into the genuine leather it was like floating into a painting. I took a deep breath and couldn’t stop smiling and stroking that beautiful leather. In that moment I came alive again. The last year didn’t matter anymore.

It didn’t stop there. We caught a movie with the older kids and then Chad took me to the Pantry in the basement of Brigham Young’s home for salmon and the most divine chocolate cream pie. With a full belly he pushed me around temple square to look at the beautiful flowers, the Christus, and the little model of the inside of the Salt Lake temple. I breathed in the peace and serenity and felt alive again. The wheelchair didn’t bother me, I didn’t notice the people staring, all I could feel was the cool breeze and fading sunlight of a perfect summer day fresh after the morning rain.

I had to go home and rest up enough for the main event- another bucket list item of being able to meet a celebrity. You have to realize I’m a country girl. And I don’t watch the “popular” shows. My celebrities aren’t the same as most peoples. I had already passed up the opportunity to visit the set of Desperate Housewives because I’d never seen the show and it meant nothing to me. This time my husband arranged for me to meet Scott Christopher whom I had seen in many movies and starred in my favorite TV show- Granite Flats.

It was amazing. We met at Cheesecake Factory where over the 30th anniversary cheesecake I got to chat with Scott Christopher. I was in heaven. He was handsome, tall and looked even more beautiful in person both inside and out than on the screen. I found out I shared a birthday with his wife Liz and we got to talk about Granite Flats, kids, and normal everyday things.

I smiled more in that day than I had in over a year. The first day of my year in pictures was spectacular. It was time to truly live again.