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This is my sweet baby. He gets really upset when I call him that because he’s five now. Apparently he’s old enough to be on his fourth girlfriend but young enough he still needs his mommy to wipe his bum. (Believe me, we’ve been working on that one!!!)

It is interesting to watch my youngest straddle the gulf between wanting everyone to take care of him and also wanting to be a teenager like Grant. I think this is pretty common for youngest.

It is nice to have him in kindergarten so I can rest in the mornings in the quiet. However, the older he gets the less I feel little arms around my neck. I no longer feel sweet little bodies sleeping in my arms.

This brings me to the greatest thing about larger families. Eric is 17. It won’t be many years before I’ll get to be a grandma and have those little arms hugging me. I’d say I can’t wait, but I’d rather not my son hurry up that process…