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A neighbor down the street was nice enough to bring this little salamander up for my kids to play with. I didn’t even know we had salamanders here. (This is a tiger salamander) The kids had a great time watching him crawl around and holding him.

Jaden wanted to keep him as a pet so I told the kids to put him in a plastic container- thinking a plastic bin like we put their toys in- for the time being. Well, they grabbed some tupperware instead. Only problem with that was that it was only about three inches tall!

I think you can guess what happened next. The creepy part is not knowing where this critter is in my house. I hope he somehow found his way outside. Please, please let him be outside! We’ve seen no trace of him all day.

Tomorrow I’ll be waiting for a scream as someone goes to take a shower or wash their hands…. stay tuned.