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Could barely walk this morning so I had Eric bring me some potassium and open my window so I could watch the pouring rain. This is the view from where I lay in my bed. The rain was pelting the glass in a fascinating temper tantrum.

If you have to lay in bed for a half hour at least God gives you a good show every once in a while. I was so grateful that the grass was getting watered. We’ve managed not to kill it completely even though the one little bit of sprinkling system we have has been broken all summer. On the upside- we only have to mow about once every six weeks. 😉

I love the rain. I’ve always loved it. I love the sun too. That’s why I like it here. Not too much sun, not too much rain. I rode with Chad to Costco yesterday and waited in the car while he picked up a couple of things. Mainly so I could hang out with him without interruption and listen to and watch the rain on his sunroof.

I am so grateful that I notice the little things again. It’s like going through a dark tunnel and being surrounded by darkness for so long you almost forget what the sunshine looks like. When you come out the other side you notice everything. The trial might be hard, but the blessings are great!