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Two of my favorite writing tools- Scrivener which is a an amazing software tool and Save the Cat! which is for screenwriters but the best novel writing book I’ve ever seen.

I spent the day transferring Savina’s Quest into Scrivener. I’ve had to take my projects back to the drawing board and actually craft a decent plot instead of just following my characters willy-nilly to see where they take me.

Boy did this one have gaping holes in it! Now I’ve got to brain storm and take Savina to the next level. It was nice to get back into it. I was even able to scan the plans for the stronghold and surrounding village right into Scrivener so I don’t have to try to keep track of it.

After months of my brain refusing to think hard about anything (even reading!!!) it is nice to be intellectually stimulated and get back to my passions.

If you are even thinking about writing- LEARN YOUR CRAFT! I’m begging you. There is a lot more than sitting down and dumping words like a blog. Believe me, I’ve inflicted my family with a lot of garbage before I started attending writers conferences. I better get back to figuring out how to save the cat….