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Ok, I know that looks weird but this photo represents my day. It started something like this…

7:30 am

I’m so tired, please go away. I just want to sleep…

“Jaden, you can have toast or cereal.”

I think this might be an attack…

“Jaden, can you get me some potassium?”

What’s taking so long? It’s too late to get some from my bedside stash- my hands won’t be able to unscrew the bottle. 

Pretty soon I’ll have a hard time drinking it even with a straw… stop fighting over it and one of you just bring it in here!

“Jaden, can you get me a bendy straw please?”

“There are scissors right over there.”

“Just cut the edge of the package.”

“Can you move it over here to the bed so I can hold onto it?”

“Thanks Jaden. Go get ready for school.”

There is so much water in here. It’s taking forever to drink it all down. 

Boy am I sick of the taste of this stuff.

“Jaden you have to get dressed.”

“You’re underwear is in a laundry basket downstairs with Ari’s stuff.”

I need to put something else on the ceiling so I don’t have to stare at that fan all the time.

“Keep looking.”

“Can you get someone to help you?”

Oh no, I can’t believe it’s 8:15 already. Ugly fan. Only thing worse is when you’re on and then you shine right in my eyes.

“Jaden, you HAVE to get dressed. You’re going to be late!”

“Eric! Can you go downstairs and get Jaden some underwear and socks? The underwear is in a basket with a bunch of Ari’s clothes and the socks are in the dryer.”

Maybe I should paint the fan. Psychedelic swirls to keep me entertained.

“Thank you Eric.”

“Jaden! Kayli!”

“I can do you’re hair if you bring everything over here. I can sit up but I can’t stand up yet.”

“Yes, both of those. And the white spray bottle.”

“Jaden, you have to get dressed!”

“Eric brought them up, they are right here.”

If I’d gotten the braids done I wouldn’t have to do this every day. It’s going to be so hard to untangle.

“Good job Kayli. Do you need anything else?”


“Jaden, your pants are on backwards.”

“Your shirt is going on backwards too, turn it around before you put your arms in.”

“Yes, that’s the right shoe.”

“Just grab something quick like a granola bar you can eat in the car. You’re late!”

“I love you too. Have a good day at school!”

What was I thinking? Taking something from ugly to tacky won’t help. I just need to clean the room so I can look somewhere else. 

Is the tub, the floor, or my room bothering me more? I doubt I’ll have the energy to do any of them. 

I’m sorry I called you ugly fan at least I can’t see your dust.

“Eric, you have to eat something or take something with you. It’s better to be a couple minutes late if you have to. You have work right after seminary.”

Why is that so tiring when I didn’t even get out of bed?

Ah, my legs are working again. I’ve got to get up and get to the computer for Co-Op ordering.